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In Their Own Words… Testimonials From The Users Of Soil2O®

"With the City of Arcadia requiring mandatory water restrictions, we not only immediately complied, but we still desired to have a beautiful green lawn around our church that would be presentable to our community, though this seemed to be impossible. 

We ended up having our lawns treated with the Soil2O product over 2 months ago. The same day we received the treatment we cut back our water usage to 2 days a week and still our lawns are so green and looking so healthy that we soon will cut back our watering to  1 day a week. With our church lawns looking so green thanks to this product, I'm actually surprised that we haven't received some type of complaint or a request to inspect our lawn timers.   We recently applied the same product to our rental property and already have cut down the watering and are expecting the same results. With everyone saying that brown is the new green, green is easily accomplished with the treatment of Soil2O"

Walter R. Hoefflin

Senior Pastor, Arcadia Foursquare Church


"Since we first started working with Peter Cordani at GelTech back in the beginning of December 2010, we have put down a total of five loads of Soil2O®; four of those loads were applied before the heavy rains in December.  As January 2011 started, the rains ended and with our yard being treated with Soil2O®; it did not need an application of water until Thursday January 20th, 2011.  At that time we put down the fifth application of Soil2O® Dust Control.  As the days have started to heat up, averaging 80 degrees per day we have been applying one to two loads of water first thing in the morning, and that has kept us good for the rest of the day.  I am extremely pleased with the results today.  We are using a totally Green Product that is proving to become even GREENER as the carbon footprint of our water truck is rapidly diminishing, not to mention the conservation of water in our desert environment of Southern California."

Dave Huss
Logistics Superintendent
United Rock Products Irwindale, CA

**It should be noted that Dave Huss has recently left his 20 year Career at United Rock to join the team at GelTech Solutions and help with the initial roll out of Soil2O® Dust Control to the Southern California Marketplace.


"I believe these products will revolutionize the way we think about landscape in the future. Soil2O® products are perfect for the professional as well as the home owner. I have worked with other types of products for 15 years; Soil2O®'s performance and effectiveness is well ahead of the competition."

Michael Carbonaro
ProGreen Lawn Spray – Stuart, FL