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Lawn and Garden Watering Tips

Most lawns or gardens require about an inch of water each week. That adds up. You want to practice smart water conservation in your lawn or garden, but you also don’t want to sacrifice it for a healthy, green lawn your family can enjoy.

With Soil2O, you don’t have to. You can conserve water in your lawn or garden while still keeping it green and healthy.  Soil2O is a soil conditioner that retains up to 400 times its weight in water at the plant root level, and is able to release that water back into the root system.  Sure, you won’t eliminate watering your lawn or garden completely, but you will be able to use up to half the amount when you do water!

Water Conservation Tips for Lawn and Gardens

  • Improve your soil’s pH by neutralizing it with organic matter like humus or compost
  • When you are watering your lawn or garden, make sure you’re not hitting the house or sidewalk
  • Select water efficient grass varieties that are suited to your local climate
  • Use Soil2O Granular when first planting and Soil2O Topical once your lawn or garden is planted
  • Only fertilize once in the fall
  • Water in the mornings when temperatures are cooler
  • Adjust your irrigation schedule to reflect seasonal changes, like temperature, wind and humidity
  • Keep pruning to a minimum and try to limit it to only during winter or early spring
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