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Natural and Eco-friendly Lawn and Garden Care

For homeowners, simplicity is key, especially when it comes to lawn care and garden care. You need a product that is efficient, yet practical, and Soil2O™ is that product.

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Soil2O is a long-lasting moisture control and natural lawn care product that can be used when planting trees, planting vegetables, planting annuals, laying sod or grass, or even when potting plants. Soil2O Topical and Granular formulas keep water in the soil, providing an opportunity to save on water bills and to decrease the effort put forth in frequent watering. Soil2O acts to reserve water by absorbing it and then releasing water into the surrounding soil when needed. Adding Soil2O to dirt and soil is as easy as mixing it in before planting flowers or plants, or by spraying directly onto lawns for continued maintenance. 

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Soil2O Granular is recommended for use when planting vegetables, trees, shrubs and annuals to improve water conservation in your lawn and garden. One application of Soil2O Granular to your soil will last three to five years, so there’s no constant reminder of having to add it to keep your lawn healthy. Applying Soil2O is easy; it only requires broadcasting or applying with a spreader and then mixing directly into the soil.  The Soil2O polymer granules will form a moisture rich gel around the plants’ roots, allowing slow release of water to the plant over time.  The long-lasting effects do not require reapplication or frequent watering once Soil2O has been introduced.

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Soil2O Topical is used for existing lawns and grasses and will have better results than any other lawn treatment products promising soil conditioning.  The Topical powder is easily mixed with water and can be sprayed directly on lawns or hard-to-grow areas of grass.  No special equipment is required for application of Soil2O, as it can be added to water in a hand-held lawn sprayer and applied quickly and easily.  It won’t clog spraying nozzles and does not require extensive cleanup.  Soil2O is inert and safe around children and pets.

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