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Soil2O Golf FAQ

What is Soil2O™?
Soil2O™ is an environmentally friendly cross-linked co-polymer whose particles hold up to four hundred times their weight in water. Soil2O™ is specially formulated with a natural re-wetting ability that continues to function even after it dries out. Using Soil2O™ doesn't mean you never have to water, but it does mean you can water less often.

Is it better to test Soil2O™ on drought-stressed areas to observe it getting better with regular irrigation?

Yes. Stressed, yellowed, or brown areas of the lawn or turf, especially mounds or berms, are the best places to begin.  This method will yield positive results by applying Topical as follows:

  • Apply one normal water cycle,
  • Followed by an application of Topical to that just-irrigated area,
  • Immediately followed by another water cycle to wash the Topical from the grass blades and into the turf root area.

Could we expect the same result with comparing treated lawn (reduced freq of irrigation) and untreated lawn (normal frequency)? If so, how should I reduce the frequency? (Just the frequency? Lower the volume?). What are the best practices here?

Typically, when Topical is applied as above, the volume of water will remain constant, but frequency will be reduced. The improvement will be most dramatic on areas that appear stressed.

The best value is realized when material is applied on areas that demonstrate the inability to retain moisture/nutrients. Areas such as berms, hills, slopes, etc.

If soil is mixed with the granular product, is the depth down to which I mix the granules in the soil related to root depth? Again, what are the best practices here?

Granular is designed to be applied before, or pre-planting/seeding, of your sod or landscaping by mixing into the top 6" - 12" of soil. This area, the rhizosphere, is where most vegetation will acquire about half of it's required moisture. This is the area of soil that dehydrates the fastest.

Is the bulk soil method the best way of distributing the granules for golf course treatment?

Granular is designed to be applied in a sub-surficial manner only and should never, ever be applied to the surface of any condition.

Topical vs. granular: is there a significant advantage in combining the different solution? Is topical merely a short-term solution and is application of the granular solution in the soil always preferable (if the lawn still has to be seeded)?

Topical applications are effective for 90 - 100 days, (approx. one food crop cycle). Granular, applied prior to or at time of planting will be effective for approx. 5 years in the ground.

The best and simplest way to think of our polymers is to imagine a million micro-sponges, placed just below the soil surface, to catch moisture as it becomes available.

Soil2O™ will absorb moisture to the point of saturation. That moisture will then be released when pressured to do so, just like a sponge, by demand from the plant.

The "sponges" will retard the usual rates of evaporation and percolation, allowing for a more efficient moisture utilization. This method of making more moisture available creates more vigorous plant growth and turgor.  

This occurs with a state-of-the-art material that is non-toxic to mammals and fish.