Soil2O - Case Study 2 - GelTech Solutions

Proven Productivity With Soil2O® Case Studies Show…

Tests conducted in the United States and Europe proves soil treated with Soil2O® prior to planting, reduces water consumption and increases yield.

In sugar cane farming shoots that were planted in crop furrows enhanced with Soil2O® yielded 25 percent more sugar cane, even though the cane fields were only watered with rain and experienced the normal dry season.

When Soil2O® was used in growing tomatoes, the number of tomatoes harvested was double the amount grown in soil not enhanced with Soil2O®. And, the average size of the Soil2O® tomato was nearly 13 percent heavier.

Tests also concluded that soil enhanced with Soil2O® produced young trees that were healthier and had a greater chance of survival than those planted in regular soil.