Fire Protection Supplies, Soil Remediation and Dust Suppression

At GelTech Solutions, we are committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly products.  We want to change the industries we touch by offering state-of-the-art water additive products for use in agriculture, landscaping, fire protection, firefighting and residential purposes.  Our products are nontoxic and friendly to the environment.


The invention of FireIce directly impacts how firefighters suppress and extinguish fires.  FireIce’s capabilities go beyond those of just water, stopping fires while saving property and lives faster and with less water. This simple additive binds with water and increases water's ability to suppress fire and prevents fire fuel from reigniting.  As one of the strongest fire protection supplies on the market, FireIce is in use at many fire departments throughout the country as supplement to their fire suppression equipment

Most recently, it has been approved by the United States Forest Service for use on the ground and from the air to suppress oncoming wildland fires.  FireIce is not limited to traditional fire grounds. It has been deployed against electrical and utility events, and is used by municipal firefighting agencies for nontoxic fire suppression, contributing to the safety of the public as well as fire personnel. FireIce, used in conjunction with the FireIce Home Defense Unit for home fire protection, provides the homeowner with the latest in fire protection supplies to protect property and structures from the threat of advancing wildfires.


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Soil₂O is a water-saving lawn care product that is an alternative to excessive watering of lawns, plants, crops and distribution to reduce environmental dust. The natural polymer holds 400 times its weight in water and is proven to reduce consumption used in irrigation and dust mitigation. When used in agricultural applications, Soil₂O is added to soil to promote healthy root development and to generate faster seed germination.  Soil₂O binds to water molecules eliminating wasteful runoff, holding valuable water in place for when it’s most needed. Soil₂O Dust Control is also available for use in construction, road work or anywhere dust is a problem, providing a method to keep particulate matter on the ground and out of the air and environment. Soil₂O Soil Cap is a long-term dust and runoff prevention solution intended to stabilize piles by creating a waterproof and durable shell by bonding with the aggregate. 


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GT-W14 is highly effective on both dense and porous surfaces, and its advanced absorbency technology absorbs liquids much faster than traditional spill absorbent products. In independent laboratory testing, GT-W14 also reduced the hazardous chemical rating of multiple industrial fluids, oils, and chemicals that it was applied to and neutralized the PH of several acids and bases with no adverse chemical reactions on any of the fluids tested.