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FireIce Fire Extinguisher, as seen on CBS’ Innovation Nation, now available to the public

71 - 12/9/2015

The FireIce Fire Extinguisher, previously showcased on CBS 'Innovation Nation' is now available for sale to the public through distributors and direct from GelTech on the company website; additionally, it will be available on in the coming weeks. FireIce, which was featured on the Emmy award winning TV show Innovation Nation, generated a lot of public interest for the product in extinguisher form. Until now, the FireIce Extinguisher had not received a UL Listing. 

"Obtaining a UL listing is a milestone achievement," stated Tony Tricarico, GelTech's Northeast Regional Director and a retired captain of Squad 252, Special Operations Command of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY). "Traditional pressurized water-can fire extinguishers have long been the first line of attack. The FireIce fire extinguisher is an advanced, powerful force multiplier that provides a more effective and versatile tool to suppress fires and protect surrounding areas."

James Lynch, Director of Research & Development at The Fire Risk Alliance, a leading consultancy firm in fire safety and prevention, stated, "I'm delighted to see the FireIce fire extinguisher become UL listed. Using new technology, GelTech has brought to market a cross-linked polymer that makes water significantly more durable than other water additives while being capable of withstanding significantly higher temperatures. The ability of FireIce to stick to fuel surfaces and create a persistent thermal barrier makes FireIce more effective on traditional as well as historically more difficult fire events."

As a leading edge technology, the FireIce fire extinguisher is positioned on the premium end of the market.

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