JUPITER, Fla., Sept. 28, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GelTech Solutions Inc. (OTCBB:GLTC), creators of FireIce, a revolutionary water enhancing fire suppressant that has the potential to change current firefighting techniques globally, announced today that fire departments in Long Island used FireIce to extinguish an active brush fire in Medford, Long Island on Saturday, September 18th.

On scene and in the lead was the Medford Fire Dept. equipped with FireIce. The Coram Fire Dept. and Yaphank Fire Dept. were also armed with FireIce. There were five additional departments on the scene in a standby capacity. FireIce was used by both Medford and Coram.

Chief Wyche of the Medford Fire Department stated, "FireIce performed exceptionally, and as a result of using FireIce, we saved hours of man time because there were no re-lights with FireIce."

"Reducing time firefighters are exposed to fire is exactly what FireIce is intended to do," said Michael Cordani, CEO of GelTech. Cordani added, "FireIce ranks second to none when doing a cost-benefit analysis against other products. It has unmatched knockdown power, prevents re-lights, is easy to use and is safe for the environment. We look forward to continued success with FireIce in real-life scenarios."

About GelTech Solutions, Inc.

GelTech Solutions creates innovative, Earth-friendly, cost-effective products that help industry, agriculture, and the general public accomplish environmental and safety goals, such as water conservation and the protection of lives, homes, and property from fires. FireIce(R) is a patent pending fire suppressant used for direct attack of fires as well as a medium term retardant for structure protection. FireIce can be used in all types of apparatus: fire extinguishers, pumper trucks, aerial units for wildfires and home defense units for personal home protection.

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