JUPITER, FL--(January 20, 2016) - GelTech Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: GLTC) an innovator in the use of polymers for fire suppression, and FireIce Solutions, LLC, the exclusive authorized distributor of FireIce to fire departments, police departments, emergency medical services and other first responders throughout the United States, announced today that in its first three months of operations, the growing list of fire, police, hazmat and other municipalities adding FireIce to their fire-fighting arsenals now numbers more than twenty.  Thanks to the joint efforts of the GelTech and FireIce Solutions teams, interest in FireIce is increasing.  Feedback has been extremely positive and FireIce has been credited with several key saves, including a chimney fire in a highly prized historic home.

“FireIce Solutions has made a significant commitment to GelTech, investing more than a half a million dollars into our distribution efforts thus far,” said Gerry Kennedy, president of FireIce Solutions, LLC. “We believe in FireIce and have put our resources and human capital to work to support that belief. We know that using FireIce will reduce the time needed to suppress fires, resulting in lives saved, improved safety for department personnel, less fire department time on scene and less water usage."

Littleton Fire Chief Steve Wodzinski commented on the importance of adding FireIce in his department:

“We are committed to finding ways to make more efficient use of municipal and natural resources. More importantly, partnering with FireIce Solutions helps us realize the objective of our mission, which is “the protection of life and property through a combination of emergency response and loss prevention services."

Littleton is joined by the following list of fire, police, hazmat and other municipalities and first responders who have FireIce on hand:

Boston Fire Department

Norfolk Police Department

Dublin Fire Department

Paxton Fire Department

Dublin School

Raynham Fire Department

Goffstown Fire Department

Rumney Fire Department

Lincoln Fire Department

St. Anselm College

Littleton Fire Department

Stoddard Fire Department

Littleton Power and Light

Stow Fire Department

Lunenberg Fire Department

Sudbury Fire Department

Manchester Fire Department

Town of Rindge

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Westford Fire Department

Medway Police Department

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Town of Lincoln Fire Chief Steve Carter described what FireIce brings to today’s fire-fighting challenges:

“FireIce products are bringing a whole new dimension to today’s fire service problems. The new technologies out there that present safety challenges have to be addressed quickly before any more firefighters are injured fighting them. The biggest issues are electrical fires (transformers etc.), hybrid car fires (both electric and ethanol based) and the new challenges with solar panel rooftops and solar panel farms. Other potential issues are coming from increased transportation and use of Ethanol based fuels.  The diversity of FireIce allows us to use the products in a wide variety of settings that are expanding all the time as the team continues to evaluate and implement the products in different scenarios.  FireIce is clearly evolving into one of the more important tools of the future for firefighting.”        

Commenting on the successful relationship between GelTech and FireIce Solutions, GelTech president Michael Reger remarked, “We have been focusing our efforts on proliferating FireIce in our Wildland Fire and Utility divisions here at GelTech.  The addition of FireIce Solutions as a distributor to municipalities and first responders has enabled us to bring FireIce to those on the front lines of urban and suburban fire-fighting, and their ongoing conversations have borne fruit in unexpected places, such as colleges. Their significant commitment in manpower and investment has quickly resulted in sales. We are very excited about the early success the FireIce Solutions team has had with our current product line in their target markets.  We are gratified to see fire departments of varying sizes purchasing our new UL-rated FireIce fire extinguishers as well as our eductor systems for their engines.

We expect continued growth in this product line as sales grow through our expanding distributor network. Over 500 FireIce fire extinguishers have been delivered thus far, and another 500 units have been ordered.

“This new UL-rated FireIce fire extinguisher took years of research and development and is now being marketed throughout the U.S. It is satisfying to see so many first responders purchase our products. This new product is complementing our Wildland fire line and the early energy for it leads us to believe that 2016 revenues will exceed 2015,” said Mr. Reger.


About FireIce

FireIce is an advanced, non-toxic, non-corrosive polymer that when hydrated produces a water-based fire retardant and suppressant. The eco-friendly properties of FireIce are especially important in sensitive and protected ecosystems, including that of the Sage Grouse. FireIce weighs significantly less than other commonly used chemicals, which enhances the safety of pilots and their aircraft. It is also packaged as a one-part orange colorant, providing excellent visibility for both pilots in the air and firefighters on the ground. As a result of its demonstrated superior suppression performance, and with its versatility as a retardant to create a fire break and protect property, FireIce has quickly become the fire chemical of choice in many regions of the country.  For more information, please visit: www.fireice.com


About GelTech Solutions, Inc.

Founded by inventor and chief technology officer Peter Cordani, GelTech Solutions is a leading provider of innovative, environmentally friendly and cost-effective products that help government agencies, industry, agriculture and the public achieve goals such as water conservation and protecting lives, homes and property from fires. GelTech’s products include FireIce, an extremely effective and versatile product used both as a suppressant to extinguish fires and a fire retardant to protect assets and property; Soil2O Dust Control and Soil Cap, products that reduce airborne particulate matter with minimal environmental impact; and GT-W14, an advanced absorbency technology to control fluid spills of all sizes, turning liquids into solid waste for easier and safer disposal. For more information, please visit www.geltechsolutions.com


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About FireIce Solutions, LLC.

FireIce Solutions was formed to distribute FireIce to first responders and other rescue personnel as a safe, non-toxic, more effective alternative to conventional firefighting methods. Through a distribution agreement from GelTech Solutions, Inc., FireIce Solutions is the exclusive authorized distributor of FireIce to fire departments, police departments, emergency medical services and other first responders throughout the United States. When every second counts, FireIce can safely and permanently extinguish fire with greater speed and decreased risk.

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