Utility Firefighting

FireIce is the latest technology currently being used to extinguish electrical events within primary 27 kv and 13 kv networks and secondary network 120/208v systems on manhole fires, pole fires, apparatus and numerous other applications.


FireIce has been tested extensively in lab and field conditions that conclusively proved the ability of FireIce to quickly extinguish these electrical events thus increasing public and employee safety, as well as being environmentally safe and green.


Carbon monoxide and all toxic emissions are reduced and isolated substantially. FireIce is a water additive that is easily applied through a patented eductor while applying water.


GelTech's Emergency Manhole FireIce Delivery System is the only manhole ladder and suppression system of its kind. EMFIDS is designed to be deployed and disassembled quickly and deliver FireIce suppressing gel continuously for up to one minute.

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Extinguish Subsurface Events

Eductor Nozzle

EMFIDS System (For Automatic Subsurface Protection)

FireIce Contains Subsurface Electrical Events In Minutes!



FireIce Shield - Subsurface Containment Unit



FireIce Shield - SCU Localized Burn Testing