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Testimonial 8

I was recently working a fire out in the EELS preserve on 4/24/2009. The call was dispatch as equipment mulcher, and ended up being a brush and the equipment.

Firefighter Jason Brands and I were in B-99 which had a 500 gallon mixture of FireIce® and water. We arrived on scene and found about 100yrds of light brush on fire and the mulcher equipment fully involved. I grabbed the hose and Jason ran the pump and started tool work on brush the fire. It was a very fast knockdown of the brush fire with the FireIce® mixture, as soon as the mixture hit the fire it was out, no matter if it was a pine tree, palmetto or grass. It was working so good Jason had to move B-99 down to the other side of the fire because I was already there, keep in mind this was only about 5 to 10 min. of using the FireIce® and the brush portion of the fire was out.

Now we only had the Mulcher equipment left and we started on that after knocking down the flames enough to open the motor compartment we did so and the latches to open it were cool to Soil2O which is awesome considering that the vehicle was fully involved in fire. The flames that were present when we started on the vehicle were put down and knocked out in about the same time it took for the brush 5 to 10 minutes and staying out. There was just smoke from the engine compartment. Once we were in the compartment we flooded the area with the FireIce® mixture and it was out.

I am glad we used FireIce®. It is very beneficial in all types of fire suppression scenarios. I believe that it helps personnel who are using FireIce®, because it works fast and it does not take a lot of it. Fatigue for personnel fighting these fires with just water could of been several additional hours of fire suppression time. We did not use the full 500 gallons of mixture when we fought this fire, which is also awesome.  If it was just water we would have used it all before we could be re-supplied by Brush-499 for water supply which was on scene for support.  FireIce® helps save on water, time, and personnel fatigue. 

Brad Richards
Firefighter, Malabar Fire Department
Malabar, Florida