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Testimonial 2

Upon arrival the engine compartment was fully involved as well as the interior. The interior went out with the normal water, but the magnesium in the engine block would not go out so Mike pulled out his 2.5 gal Fire Ice water can and went to work. At first the fire would not go out due to the amount of water running onto it from the interior, but once that was pulled off of it the Fire Ice did exactly what we have seen in the videos. And then it was used on the rest of the interior and put down all the smoke and steam within seconds. And that was just the little sample amount that Mike had, I can imagine what we could have done if we had had the tank full of it and ran it from the hose line.

Great stuff, it’s always better to see it in action on a live burn rather than a controlled environment conducted by the seller. I have only seen foam in the past and that was only on small overhaul operations in attics etc, but I cannot wait to get some more Fire Ice and try it on the next house fire. As soon as everything calms down around here I will be scheduling something out at the training center for everyone to watch, they are big proponents of foam and I would love for them to see Fire Ice in action.

I am duly impressed. I will keep you updated about this.

Tim White
District Chief
Beauregard Fire Protection District #2
Longville, Louisiana