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FireIce Shield®


Shield is the ultimate defense for surfaces affected by heat-related damage and blocking heat transfer.  Shield products protect adjacent surfaces while soldering, welding, and brazing while also reducing the risk of accidental charring, burning, or igniting flammable materials up to 5,000 degrees. 


FireIce Shield® Spray and Paste - Brazing, Sweating, and Welding Protection


Shield is ideal for use on metal pipes as a barrier to heat transfer, especially for valves, seals, and between contact points.  Additionally, it effectively prevents discoloration and distortion of lightweight metals, and protects closely soldered parts. Shield also protects surfaces like wood, sheetrock, wires, insulation, and painted or finished surfaces including painted metal, plastic, cloth, and vinyl from direct and radiant heat.

FireIce Shield is designed for:

  • Plumbing
  • Soldering
  • Pipe Fitting
  • Automotive
  • Welding
  • Brazing

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FireIce Shield® - Communication Tower Protection

The FireIce Shield® CTP System is a specialty mixing and deployment system designed to apply FireIce Shield® CTP gel on communication towers during cutting, welding, and firewatch. The gel is a unique, proprietary, and eco-friendly formulation that minimizes damage caused by welding sparks, fire, and slag. It is specially formulated with a white pigmentation for maximum visibility and adherence to communication tower structures and cables.

  • Reduces the direct costs of damage caused by welding sparks, fires, and slag.
  • Cools protected surfaces and limits thermal transfer.
  • Reduces, and potentially eliminates, short and long-term indirect costs resulting from service outages and, in the extreme, structural failure. 


*Training is required to use the FireIce Shield CTP System safely and effectively. Call 800-924-4874 to schedule. To purchase the CTP System or Accessories, please refer to our MASTER PRICE LIST for pricing and product numbers and email purchase orders to or call 800-924-4874 to order by phone.