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FireIce Shield® - Communication Tower Protection


The FireIce Shield® CTP System is a specialty mixing and deployment system designed to apply FireIce Shield® CTP gel on communication towers during cutting, welding, and firewatch. The gel has a unique, proprietary, and eco-friendly formulation that minimizes damage caused by welding sparks, fire, and slag. It is specially formulated with a white pigmentation for maximum visibility and adherence to communication tower structures and cables.

  • Cools protected surfaces and limits thermal transfer.
  • Reduces the direct costs of damage caused by welding sparks, fires, and slag.
  • Reduces, and potentially eliminates, short and long-term indirect costs resulting from service outages and, in the extreme, structural failure. 


*Training is required to use the FireIce Shield CTP System safely and effectively. Call 800-924-4874 to schedule.

To purchase the CTP System or Accessories, please refer to our MASTER PRICE LIST for pricing and product numbers and email purchase orders to or call 800-924-4874 to order by phone.