Protect your home from a sudden wildfire with FireIce - fast and easy protection

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Wildfires are an unpredictable phenomenon that a large percentage of homeowners could face sometime in their lifetime. In many instances homeowners have little or no time to prepare their personal items or property so it is imperative they have a plan in place. To protect yourself from a wildfire you must first analyze the potential risks within your local area and what ways you can protect your property.

Wildfires are caused by a host of factors including manmade and natural with the majority coming from lightning strikes and accidental manmade fires. Homeowners who live in or around natural woodlands are the highest risk factor, but area on the edge of suburbia are at risk as well. Wild fires don’t know boundaries and will spread wherever there is fuel and the wind pushes it.   Weather patterns make wildfires so unpredictable that they can change course several times an hour leaving homeowner will little time to react.

There are steps homeowners can take to be prepared if they are faced with sudden wild fire risk. Assess the fuel available for fires on and near your property and work to reduce it as much as possible. Create a fire break on the edge of your property with a non-fuel material such as rocks or dirt. Having your property in prepared condition allows you more time for other measures such as applying a fire retardant to your structure.  Protect your home from wildfire with FireIce a flame retardant that is easily applied to your home within a short time period and ideal for sudden fire risks. FireIce, a product that when mixed with water creates a fire retardant gel is quickly applied to all vulnerable surfaces. A homeowner can leave with confidence that their preparation and fire retardant gives them the best chance at avoiding a loss.

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Protect your home from wildfire with FireIce - Be ready for fire season!

by Admin 17. March 2014 05:58

Wildfires have become a common addition to most news outlets over the past few years as the frequency of these disasters continue to increase. According to a recent article by USA Today “Western lawmakers push legislation to prevent wildfires” wildfires in the last decade have burned more land than the previous four combined. This increased threat means all homeowners in fire threat areas need to be prepared.

Western legislators are rallying to change the way designated fire suppression funds are used. In recent years, large fires or “mega-fires”, eat a large percentage of this budget which is meant for forest maintenance to reduce the risk of fires.  As more and more of this budget gets used for fighting fires the more forests are becoming even more at-risk of a fire. This poses a great risk for homeowners, especially those at the edge of the wilderness.

Homeowners need to have a fire plan, perform property fire prevention maintenance and have fire protection products on-hand to fully protect their property from being decimated from a fire. It is critical that homeowners and families have a plan in place so they can evacuate quickly. Preventative maintenance on landscaping and all structures such as preventing debris buildup, removing dead branches from trees and creating a fire buffer greatly reduces the spread of fire. An often overlooked piece of the puzzle is a flame retardant product to protect structures in case fire does reach them. Protecting your home from wildfire with FireIce by Geltech is an ideal solution that can be quickly applied to your home before you evacuate. The flame retardant gel creates a fire-proof barrier on your home that can withstand the high temperatures of a wildfire. If you would like more information on products to help save your home in case of a wild fire, please contact us.

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Protect your home from wildfire with defensive zones, fire resistant roofs, and most importantly, an application of FireIce

by Admin 14. February 2014 04:38

Living in wildfire prone area has its own special dangers. A few simple steps can protect your home from wildfire and make one less likely to lose one’s home when the next conflagration occurs.

Colorado State University suggests creating what it calls “defensible zones” around the house. This means clearing foliage and other ignitable materials from around the home, denying a wildfire fuel to feed it and channel it to the home. Some plants can be treated to make them less apt to ignite when a wildfire encroaches. How one sets up these zones depends on a number of factors, including size and shape of the home, the slope of the ground, topography, the home’s building materials, and what type of plants one has around the home.

One thing a homeowner might do is to make sure his or her roof is fire resistant. According to the Insurance Institute for Home and Business Safety, various roofing materials are graded by how much they are fire resistant, with Class A being the most fire resistant. Any homeowner living in an area prone to wildfires should seriously consider getting his or her roof upgraded.

Generally a Class A roofing material would include asphalt fiberglass composition shingles and  concrete or clay tiles. Some Class A material is classified “as assembled” which means that extra material is placed between the covering and sheathing, such as aluminum, fire retardant wood, or plastic and rubber.

If one is uncertain what class one’s roof is, especially in an older home, it is probably a good idea to get the roof replaced if one is in a wildfire area.

Finally, an application of FireIce, an environmentally friendly product that is safe for children, pets, and plants, will provide an extra protection for one's home in case of wildfire.

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