Protect home from wildfire with FireIce - Wildland Urban Threat

by Admin 22. April 2014 06:12

The new home market over the last two decades has turned to new outlying areas for building locations to take advantage of the privacy and scenery. These wildland-urban areas, as they are referred to by fire professionals, have a significantly increased fire threat. The threat not only comes from direct fire, but from wind-carried embers.

According to Ready, Set, Go!, a national fire prevention program managed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the Wildland Urban Interface fire threat is steep due to continued development and exposure. These areas are found throughout the country and are not recognized by how they look, but by the conditions they contain. A wildland urban interface is often where cities meet rural areas which are typically state or federally owned lands. These areas contain multiple fuel sources for wildfires, such as dead trees and decaying materials that are not typically managed properly.

Homeowners in these areas are at an elevated risk due to the wildfire threat in the landscape adjacent to their home. Many of these areas prohibit landowners from altering the this land because of state and federal land use restrictions. Homes within these areas are typically damaged by the wind-blown embers from nearby fires. These embers can ignite the structure or local area on fire, which then reach the home.  Homeowners can protect their home from wildfire with FireIce; when applied, it protects structures such as home and outbuildings from embers. When mixed with water, FireIce creates a gel that adheres to almost any surface--creating a fire-retardant barrier. This is critical in preventing the wind-blown embers from igniting flammable, exposed surfaces such as roofing, siding and deck materials.

If you would like more information on products to protect your home from wildfire, please contact us.

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Prepping your home for a wildfire is critical

by Admin 23. January 2014 07:49

Wildfires are a common problem throughout the Unites States, but especially in the western states where drought is a yearly occurrence.  A recent article by the Arizona Daily Star "Arizona residents file claims in fatal wildfire" describes the aftermath of a wildfire when properties were not fully protected.

Ninety-one residents of Yarnell, Arizona and the llah subdivision that were affected by a wildfire in 2013 filed claims against the state and local agencies that fought the fire. They are claiming the fire plan was wrong and that more could have been done and sooner to protect their homes. The wildfire destroyed most of the areas homes with only a small percentage surviving with no or minor damage. Pacific Biodiversity Institute studied the area from aerial images taken previous to the fire and found that the majority of area homes lack a proper buffer zone and the one that did have it mostly survived unscathed.

This article highlights the importance of prepping your home and property for the threat of a wildfire. Homeowners cannot rely on fire services alone to protect their home as they need to their part as well. A safe buffer zone around each structure is critical to prevent a wild fire from spreading to your home or outbuildings. Homeowners can also benefit from using a fire retardant such as FireIce from Geltech. It is an environmentally friendly product that when mixed with water creates a fire retardent gel that sticks to nearly any surface protecting it from fire and extreme heat. It is an extra level of protection for homeowners in case a fire jumps their buffer zone and fire services is not there to stop the fire. If you would like more information on how to protect your home from wildfire threats, please contact us.

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