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Wildfire Aerial Operations

More wildland fire agencies have switched their air tanker program to FireIce than any other chemical...

find out why.

Changing to FireIce will:

  • SAVE MONEY: Per mixed load, FireIce is aproximately one-third to one-half LESS THAN most competitor's retardants
  • BOOST PILOT SAFETY: FireIce's less weight per mixed gallon means lighter aircraft for a safer take-off
  • ELIMINATE STORAGE CONCERNS: Periodic circulation and temperature issues commonly associated with other products are not an issue with FireIce
  • ENSURE COMPLETE COVERAGE: Aerially applied FireIce canvases the canopy, fine, and ladder fuels to keep even the largest of fires contained without burn through
  • INCREASE EQUIPMENT LIFESPAN: FireIce is non-corrosive and rinses clean with plain water
  • PREVENT NON-NATIVE SPECIES: FireIce is environmentally benign and safe for plants and animals


Fire Control Calculator
  • Common Aircraft Needs
  • By Gallons
Amount of Long Term Retardant needed: -

Amount of FireIce needed:
Amount of FireIce (colored) needed: -
* Values are approximate, please contact customer support for a detailed analysis of mix ratios depending on fuel type and water quality

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FireIce & Aerial Firefighting


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