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Aerial Firefighting

The FireIce – Dip Source Airtanker and Rotor aviation support units, utilize a complete mobile airbase configuration. The bases are mobilized in modules that cover the spectrum of fixed and rotor wing wildland fire initial attack or large fire operations at any fixed, remote or military airbase.

Support for mixing and loading of suppressant, aircraft wash down, and fresh water supply; as well as additional support for communications, clerical, and personnel are all provided. Spill containment, working environment and employee health and safety are priorities in all facets of operations.


FireIce 2012 Equipment Guide


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For State agencies full turnkey SEAT operations including aircraft pilots and managers are available.

Our Modular System

The modular system accommodates varying demands from Single Engine Airtanker, Very Large Airtanker, MAFFS and Rotor operations of all types. With the ability for storage of wet mixed chemical to meet daily demands; each mixing module has a 6,800 gallon storage capacity and is automated to stay full of FireIce gel when demand exists. Where water supplies are not sufficient or not available, water tenders are dispatched along with the mobile base. Each module is able to operate as dip tank for rotor operations and is completely lighted and correctly marked for day or night operations. Aviation trailers have large safety glass windows, Narrow band P25 compliant radio systems for air to ground and radios for monitoring of air to air radio traffic. Satellite internet and computer work stations allow managers access to business and mapping applications. Pilot ready quarters allow for briefing space, sleeping accommodations, and meals in climate controlled state of the art environment. All units include fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and lighted steps and safety signage meeting the most stringent commercial, government and military standards. Mixed product can also be used to aid in dust abatement for rotor wing operations and on forest roads. All spill containment, clean-up, and readiness of the trailers and equipment are maintained by professional operators.

FireIce Aerial Firefighting Videos

FireIce & Aerial Firefighting


Single Engine Air Tankers & FireIce