FireIce Products

Stop, Prevent and Control Fires with FireIce

When lives are at stake, firefighters need more than water. With FireIce®, they now have the most effective fire gel on the market. FireIce is an innovative and earth-friendly product that will forever change how firefighters and homeowners fight fires and protect homes.  And FireIce is easy to use – simply add to water and fires do not stand a chance.


FireIce applies the most effective protectant possible by suffocating flames and preventing flare-ups, putting control back in the hands of firefighters and homeowners alike.  In order to save lives and save property, the FireIce technology ensures a safe and efficient method to extinguish even the toughest of fires.  FireIce can be used safely in both commercial and residential applications. 


Commercial Applications

This revolutionary technology has recently been approved for use by the United States Forest Service, a perfect fit because FireIce is non-corrosive to fire equipment and aircrafts.  It is currently used by firefighters, first responders and military personnel as a fire suppression system both domestically and internationally.  Although other fire suppressants may be on the market, nothing can control fires and eliminate re-ignition like FireIce.  


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Home Defense Unit

In a fire crisis, homeowners can be assured that the state-of-the-art FireIce Home Defense Unit system will add a layer of home fire protection unlike any other.  When fire departments and first responders are tasked with securing many homes and buildings, the homeowner’s application of FireIce with the Home Defense Unit’s fire retardant coatings can be the difference between saving a home and losing it.  


FireIce is a nontoxic and environmentally friendly alternative to other fire suppressants.  When it comes to fighting fires, the responsible choice to extinguish a fire and to protect lives and property is FireIce.