Company Overview

GelTech Solutions provides innovative, environmentally safe and creative products to agriculture, various industries and the general public that help improve lives, reduce the need for such precious commodities as water, protect lives and property from wildfires and potentially helping to reduce the impact of hurricanes upon storm-prone areas.

Our corporate philosophy is much like the hexagon reflected in the chosen shape of our corporate and product identities. The hexagon is the strongest naturally occurring shape known to man. Our products utilize natural solutions to support and strengthen nature and our surroundings. The hexagon, made up of six sides, symbolizes our goal to provide sustainability and world-changing solutions to common problems across six continents of the world--today and for future generations.

Mission Statement

GelTech Solutions is dedicated to transforming imaginative and innovative ideas into global solutions that solve common problems. In doing so, we produce high quality, environmentally friendly, and cost effective products that have the potential to change the industries we touch – caringly, ethically, and sensibly.

Vision Statement

Through our diverse product line and extensive pipeline of new products, our teams’ goals are to create “blue oceans” – untapped new market spaces ripe for growth; with this focus we expect to meet and beat shareholder expectations on a consistent basis.

Organizational Values

  • Dedication to our customers; they are our lifeblood.
  • Commitment to our shareholders; they are our partners.
  • Vision to design and market products that can make a difference.