Erosion control with Soil2O - Protection from the spring rains

by Admin 22. April 2014 06:36

Spring is a time for new growth and warmer temperatures as well as increased rainfall across America. These heavy rains can erode and damage soils creating an unstable and washed out landscape. It is critical to proactively assess your landscaping to find vulnerable areas.

Water is very powerful even in small amounts when it comes to soil erosion. Sandy, loose and loamy soil types are extremely vulnerable to erosion by both wind and rain when exposed. Many find it hard to remedy an area that has been affected by erosion due to problems growing grass or plants to sturdy the weak soil. Weather patterns often don’t give a long enough time frame to germinate grass due to periods of too much or little rainfall. Rain that does fall drains through the soil before germination can take place.

A solution for erosion control is with Soil2O, a product by Geltech that can cure these vulnerable areas that plague homeowners. It is a granular product that creates a gel when mixed with water. This is applied to your soil which strengthens the soils structure as well as retains water to help germinate plants quickly. It is designed to combat erosion from both wind and heavy rainfall. The product helps sandy and loamy soil types retain moisture which prevents it from washing away as dry soil would. The moisture retention properties help alleviate the stress of drought allowing your grass and plants to thrive in any conditions. This is critical in stopping erosion as healthy grass and plants prevent water from eroding the top soil.

If you would like more information on how to protect your vulnerable land from erosion, please contact us.

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