FireIce Academy is back in session...

by Admin 20. July 2012 06:33

Hey FireIceBloggers!! FireIce Academy is back in session...

You have responded to a fire in a single family dwelling. Upon arrival your company officer orders your hose team to don full PPE and advance a 1 3/4 inch attack line to the front door. The door is open and you can see the fire at the back of the living room. The smoke that is rolling out of the doorway is black and the heat is intense at the opening.

What method of attack, direct, indirect, or combination, do you use?

Answer: The combination attack uses the fog nozzle to its best advantages.

What are the advantages of this method?

Answer: The wide fog pattern cools the room and provides protection to the nozzle operator.

Why did you select this method?

Answer: The fog nozzle also creates small water droplets that absorb the heat and generates steam to smother the fire. The straight stream can penetrate the burning combustibles from a distance and complete the extinguishment process.

Stay Safe!

By Rob Rosovich, Fire Protection Engineer


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