Firefighters...U make the call. Size up the scene and describe your plan of action.

by Admin 7. February 2012 10:05

Hey FireIce Blog Readers! FireIce Academy is back in session…

You are the officer of an engine company and are enroute to a multiple vehicle accident with entrapment. Your crew consists of a driver, and two firefighters both are paramedics. Additional resources enroute are 2 Advanced Life Support Ambulances each with a crew of three and Special Operations with a crew of three all units have an ETA of 3 minutes.


While responding you observe heavy black smoke rising from the accident scene and what appears to be several explosions. As you arrive you discover 6 vehicles involved in fire including a tractor trailer of what is pictured.


Please size up the scene and describe your plan of action? Stay Safe!

By Rob Rosovich, Fire Protection Engineer


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