Wind Driven Fires should not be taken lightly...

by Admin 18. January 2012 06:41

Hey FireIce Blog Readers! FireIce Academy is back in session!

In today's FireIce Academy we are going to try and illustrate the fire condition of a wind driven fire. A photo is just a small snap shot of time and it is sometimes difficult to determine what is going on. Wind driven fires kill firefighters and should not be taken lightly.

Wind Driven Fires

Tests and studies have been done by many departments and NIST, but historically there isn’t anything as far as a live fire training program until now.

Please review the attached link which covers the history of WDF, studies that have been conducted by FDNY and NIST. You will also find how to build a prop and simulate a wind driven fire.

The author of the paper, Chief Ray Altman, is a well respected educator/training officer and is a good friend of FireIce.

History of WDF

Stay Safe!

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