FireIce Academy goes global

by Admin 28. November 2011 08:03
One of the great things about a blog is that you have the ability to create so many different types of content. We have had tremendous success with our FireIce Academy feature on facebook, so it seemed natural to give the academy a home on our blog. We hope you enjoy it as much as our facebook fans do. Assess the scene and leave a comment on how you would handle the situation. We will post the results tomorrow. Its 1900 hrs and you receive a report of a structure fire in a small industrial area that is centered in the middle of a residential neighborhood. As you approach the scene you see what is pictured in the upper left photo… What are your initial thoughts? Once you arrive on scene you see what is pictured in the upper right photo… What are your thoughts? As you approach the gate you see the placards that are pictured in the lower left and right photos… What are your thoughts and concerns? How do your deploy your crew? How and what do you advise to the other responding units? Stay Safe!


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