The Grapes Are Coming

by Admin 20. June 2012 05:20

Grape vines reaching the top of the arborBy: Eliza Osborn

This year we hope that the grape vines will cover the top of the grape arbor so that the arbor area will be shadier and cooler near our garden. Even though the vines made it to the top last year, it will take a lot of leaves to shade our arbor, which is 50′x10′. There are 10 grape vines, one at each post, except for the Kiwi vines at the two post on one end.

Even more than the shade to look forward to though, are the many, many grapes which are growing. We got some last year, but nothing like what's coming this year. All of the grapes are seedless, table grapes, some white and some pink or red.

Besides eating plenty and sharing a lot (we have a large family), we will dry some. They make the best raisins.

Ah, so much to look forward to. I love summer.

Thanks and happy planting!

Soil2o welcomes Eliza Osborn as a contributor to the blog!

by Admin 26. January 2012 09:28

We are excited to announce that Eliza Osborn from "Our Garden Gate" blog has graciously decided to republish her awesome gardening content here on the Soil2O blog!

Take a look at her BIO:

I was born in the west but grew up in the south and I love both areas. My husband and I now live in the west. I have 6 children and 15 grandchildren and my husband has 5 children and 13 grandchildren. With 28 grandchildren, I am definitely a granny.

I have been a gardener for many years. I love plants, especially ones that produce flowers or good smells or food. I’m a big fan of perennials, roses, and herb plants, especially Tarregon and Agastache.

I  completed the Master Gardening Course a few years ago, since I was really getting serious about planting, planting and planting. I thought it might be a good idea if I knew a little bit more about what I was doing. Each summer we attend weekly Garden Seminars taught by Master Gardeners.

Two years ago we bought a 1914 house, removed almost all of the lawn and 4 of the 8 large trees. Then added 19  fruit trees, 11 grape vines and grape arbor, rasp., black. and strawberry beds as well as raised beds for vegetables. There are herbs & perennials everywhere, even some annuals. We even have a white picket fence . Our yard is a little over 1/4 acre. It’s been a real challenge trying to fit everything we wanted onto this small space but we’ve been up for the challenge.

We’ve made mistakes that you can learn from and we’ve had some good successes that you can repeat. There will be lots of before and after pictures.

You may contact me at:


We are looking forward to sharing her content with all of you.


Thank you and happy planting!