Eliminate dust on your contruction site with Soil2O Dust Control

by Admin 12. May 2014 05:49

Dust is a common problem on most construction sites created from moving equipment and people. It is not only an annoyance but a risk to machinery, nearby neighborhoods and workers health. Many local governments have codes in place that mandate dust is kept to a minimum standard and violators face steep fines for not obeying.

A dusty work environment can wreak havoc on power tools and motorized equipment such as loaders and skid steers increasing expenses immensely. Replacing air filters on heavy equipment adds up quickly and the dust can cause permanent damage shortening the equipment’s useful life. Dust made up of dirt and construction debris can cause serious medical problems with prolonged exposure. It is critical that your workers be safe from this exposure and eliminating the dust is the safest solution.

Controlling dust on a work site can be a difficult task depending on the climate and soil type. Water is often the solution but is tricky since too much causes muddy condition. Water alone also dissipates from the surface quickly leaving the soil vulnerable to erosion.   There is a solution to construction site dust control with Soil2O by GelTech. This product mixed with water penetrates the soil and helps retain moisture. It prohibits the dirt and ground materials from becoming airborne therefore reducing dust. The particles pull moisture from the air during the nighttime and minimize evaporation during periods of sun. Soil2O can greatly reduce the amount of water to control your dust problem saving you time and money.

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