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Soil2O Granular

Soil2O Granular is a non-toxic soil amendment that retains approximately 400% of its material weight in moisture. That necessary moisture is made available to the plants/turf to facilitate transpiration. Worked into the soil at root level, your greenery will enjoy years of benefit from the Soil2O Granular amendment.

Soil2O Granular (subsurface) -

    • Coal Ash Landfills - If used as an amendment at time of planting, Soil2O especially useful on ashfill slopes.
    • Land/Phyto-Reclamation - Soil2O is very effective when utilized at plant/turf set. Use to establish seeds and to retain moisture in areas of difficult access. Speedy germination and establishment yields much more effective vegetative erosion control.
    • Dept. of Transportation - Distribute Granular prior to grassing road shoulders and save countless dollars with less required irrigation.
    • Agriculture - With constant availability of needed moisture you will avoid plant stress and wilt. Healthier and more sizeable harvests will result through more efficient transpiration.
    • Golf Courses - Granular will quicken the growth of your replacement turf. Granular should be used when planting annuals for longer periods of healthy growth and appearance. It is ideal for planting in highly-inaccessible areas.
    • Landscaping - Greenery will thrive with Granular, particularly plants and trees that require higher amounts of available moisture, and mortality rates will shrink appreciably.
    • Tree Farms - Plant container trees with Granular for great results. Trees grown in close proximity will often stunt due to competition for available moisture. This problem can be solved when Granular is used for planting and transplanting trees.