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Dust Control - Rural Roads

Soil2O Dust Control material and methods are an effective and efficient form of dust control for rural roads. Whether the road is dirt or gravel, Soil2O Dust Control will keep dust on the road where it belongs and will do so without the serious concerns that accompany the use of chloride treatments.

Harmful chloride-based dust control treatments, (mag-chloride, calcium chloride, salts etc.) often spill into runoff or leach into soil whenever precipitation occurs. Additionally, salts can nullify soil's growing viability.

"Salt’s toxic effects on plants have been known since ancient times when it was used for biological warfare to destroy an enemy’s fields and crops. ... When salt dissolves in water, the sodium and chloride ions separate. When this happens, the sodium ions in the salt replace the other nutrients in the soil that plants need (potassium, calcium, and magnesium), so these nutrients are unavailable to the plant.  The easiest way to prevent salt damage is to avoid it."  Purdue Extension, ID-412-W

Soil2O Dust Control provides several benefits for rural roads:

  • Provides constant, effective control of dust from all soil-born sources.
  • Conforms to Best Management Practices (BMP's) / Best Conservation Methods (BCM's) for Agricultural dust control.
  • Is non-toxic for mammals and fish, according to EPA/OECD protocols.
  • Does NOT create toxic runoff and leachate.
  • Is safe for use in close proximity to wetlands.
  • Will not cause problematic equipment corrosion.

Soil2O Dust Control is a highly-effective dust control treatment that is good for the environment.