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Improve Your Soil and Prevent Dust

Whether you’re a casual gardener or your livelihood depends on your crops, Soil2O™ should be an integral step in your irrigation and soil treatment plan. When added to soil, Soil2O particles will hold up to 400 times their weight in water and deliver it directly to the plants’ roots when needed. Even better, Soil2O retains the water after the soil has dried out, ensuring your plants or crops have water when they need it most.

Soil2O offers Soil2O Topical and Soil2O Granular formulas, ideal for usage in agriculture, on the golf course or in your backyard. Soil2O Dust Control is also available for application to dusty soil and sand for road dust control, preventing particulate matter from entering the air and water. Soil2O is currently being used in these applications:

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Commercial Uses

  • Turf grass moisture control
  • Pre-planting of crops, soil conditioner
  • Mineral storage pile dust minimization
  • Road construction debris elimination


Residential Uses

  • Improving soil composition before planting
  • Lawn maintenance


Less Water, Less Often

With frequent drought conditions and imposed watering restrictions, minimizing the amount of water used contributes to conservation efforts all while still nourishing plants, lawns and crops. GelTech Solutions created Soil2O to dramatically change the way you water plants and condition your soil.  While the addition of Soil2O to soil does not completely eliminate the use of water, it does improve soil water content and ensure the need for less water, less often.