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Soil2O For Residential Use

Soil2O retains up to 400 times its weight in water, reducing your need for frequent watering and providing your lawn or garden with the moisture it needs to stay greener, longer. It also promotes growth during hot and dry conditions, so your lawn can be green long after your neighbors' lawns turn brown.

• Reduces water usage by up to 50%

• Retains water and nutrients at the root level

• Easy to apply

• Lasts all season long

• Safe for children and pets


• Gel Injector Adapter with Tubing

• Fan Spray Nozzle

• Three 2.5 oz packets of Soil2O concentrated powder

Each 2.5 oz packet will mix with 4 gallons of water and provide coverage for up to 1400 sq ft for a total of 4200 sq ft per kit. If you require additional coverage, please purchase a Soil2O Home Lawn Care Refill Pack.



• After mixing Soil2O with water, how soon must the application be completed?
Soil2O can be stored and used for up to six months; once hydrated, it is best to use within 24 hours.

• Can the product be applied to wet or damp grass?

• What is the best time of day to apply Soil2O?
Early morning or evening

• Will the product cause damage if sprayed onto sprinklers/lights or other items on my lawn?
No. Soil2O is earth-friendly and inert.

• What kind of equipment is needed?
The Soil2O Lawn Care Starter Kit includes everything you need: a gel injector, weighted tubing and a fan spray nozzle. You supply the five- gallon bucket.

• When will I see results?
You may begin to see results in just days, but it may take up to two weeks.

• Does heat/cold affect the storing, mixing or application of Soil2O?

• Are there any plants or surfaces that I should avoid?

• Does the product stain cement, blacktop or tile?
No, but the mixed gel can be slippery if it is applied to smooth surfaces.

• Can the product be mixed with fertilizer/weed controllers, etc.?


• Should my children/pets stay off the treated area for a certain amount of time after application?
No - Soil2O is non-toxic and safe for children and pets

• Can physical contact could cause inflammation or skin irritation?
Only if you are allergic to “fine powders” (e.g., baby powder). If so, simply wear a mask and gloves during the mixing process.

• If I am not satisfied with the product, can I get a refund?
Yes - simply provide a copy of your receipt (or Order Number for online purchases) within 30 days of purchase.


• How long should I wait to water the lawn after application?
No wait necessary, the sooner the better to get Soil2O  working for you.

• Does it need to be applied more frequently early on?

• Do subsequent applications require less product?

• Do I need to change my watering schedule?

• Can I water less?
It depends. Under normal circumstances, Soil2O lets you reduce water usage by up to 50%. If you are in an area facing drought conditions and have already reduced the amount and frequency of watering, you shouldn’t reduce the amount or frequency of watering, but Soil2O will help save your lawn and keep it green under those restrictions.

• Will other vegetation (plans, shrubs, flower beds, etc.) benefit from applying Soil2O?

• Can I apply Soil2O in any temperature?

• Can Soil2O be applied if it is raining?

• Can Soil2O be applied to newly planted grass?

• Can Soil2O be applied right after sod has been laid?

• How long will an application last?
Each application is effective for 90-days

For More Information, call to speak with our Soil2O experts at (800) 924-4874

“We applied Soil2O to our lawn two months ago, and have been able to significantly cut back on our watering. With everyone saying brown is the new green, green is easily accomplished with Soil2O.”
R. Hoefflin
Senior Pastor
Arcadia Foursquare Church