Soil2O for Golf Courses

Soil2O Increases Plant & Turf Growth While Conserving Precious Water

Soil2O products are specially designed for use as a soil conditioner for water and nutrient retention in golf courses. By using Soil2O you can increase the water holding capacity of soils and turf, thereby reducing the frequency of irrigation, as well as the leaching of valuable nutrients.

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Soil2O Granular
  • Soil2O Granular provides a continuously available water reservoir so water and nutrients are available to the plant root zone uniformly and completely.
  • Soil2O Granular swells into gel particles when irrigation or precipitation is introduced into the soil and turf; hydrating quicker than other polymers.
  • The roots grow directly through the gel particles and take up water and nutrients.
  • It has a very quick rewetting ability while in the soil and also has the ability of repeated water absorption and release over a long period of time.

2O Topical 

Our topical product is a technological breakthrough for the golf course maintenance industry. Soil2O Topical is a specially-formulated fine particle powder blend that has a specific balance between gel-blocking and swelling ability which performs well in demanding environments. Soil2O Topical has anti-caking characteristics that allows it to be dispersed on golf courses and various turfs using commercial spray equipment.

  • Compatible with fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and nematicides as well as various grasses, plants and soil structures.
  • Provides lasting hydration for stressed, dry and poorly irrigated areas; bunker faces, landscape beds, common areas, roadsides and deep root treatments for trees.
  • Can be used with time release fertilizers to maximize plant and turf growing.
  • Soil2O Topical gets down under the thatch layer and helps to supply plants and turf with water and nutrients where they need it most, at the roots.
  • Reduces labor and maintenance costs associated with irrigation.
  • Allows for turf and plant growth in extremely hot and dry climatic conditions.
  • Does not harden or leave a sticky residue after use, it easily rinses with water.
  • Compatible with all types of commercial spray equipment. Will not clog nozzles when mixed properly.


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