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Golf Testimonials

Golf Course Superintendents Recommend Soil2O

“I sprayed a one-acre plot on the 5th fairway of Ironhorse, which was suffering from severe drought stress. At fist, I thought it was a pest problem but after trying this gel product and seeing the turf green up I can safely testify that the turf stress was caused directly from a lack of water. I can’t wait to use it further on several other high and dry mound areas.”

- Bill Jeffrey, Certified Golf Course Superintendent, Ironhorse Country Club - West Palm Beach, FL

“During a time of drought conditions the River Course had severe compaction issues. I decided to initiate a program on a trial basis which consisted of fairway aerification, verticutting and slow release fertilizer. This I followed with an application of Soil2O at 5 lbs. per 100 gallons of water. Seven days later I again applied Soil2O at the same rate to ensure we had the product below the thatch layer and into the root zone so that we could ensure proper water and nutrient retention. Approximately two weeks later we noticed a definite improvement in color and water distribution. I was quite happy with the results as the green-up was much quicker than expected. Now, I plan on incorporating Soil2O as part of my foliar program.”

- Robert S. Wallace GCS, Director of Golf Course Maintenance, Grand Harbor - Vero Beach, FL