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Dust Control

The Most Cost Effective and Efficient Dust Control Product Available

Whether you are using water, industrial salts, or other chemicals for dust abatement, Soil2O Dust Control is a cheaper and eco-friendly alternative. According to our customers, their costs are cut in half for fuel, labor, and water.

Soil2O’s dust suppression and erosion control products and solutions stop all types of particulate matter from entering the air and water, solving even the most stubborn dust and erosion problems. Soil2O is the best option for those working within a budget due to its low cost and by knowing exactly how much product you will need for your dust season or project. Call us now for a free quote 800-924-4874.

Dust Control Product Calculator
  • By Square Footage
  • By Miles of 20ft Road
Initial load buckets and cost:   /   Maintenance load buckets and cost:   /  
Above calculations are based upon application of two "initial" loads in week one and one regular load each week thereafter. Regular loads consist of one 15 lb. bucket per 2,000 gallons water. "Initial" loads consist of three 15 lb. buckets per 2,000 gallons water.

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Soil2O’s proven dust control products and solutions work on:

  • Road construction sites
  • Unpaved roadways, shoulders, trails
  • Coal Ash, mineral, ore and limestone storage piles
  • Surface Mines
  • Gravel runways
  • Heavy traffic roads
  • Landfills
  • Helipads
  • Construction sites and other open spaces
  • Baseball diamonds/horse arenas
  • Soil2O Dust Control penetrates the surface and leaches into the dirt profile
  • Soil2O works overnight pulling moisture out of the air and keeping the dirt moist longer
  • Soil2O keeps you compliant and helps eliminate fines
  • Soil2O reduces your carbon footprint
It Reduces:
  • Water costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Labor costs

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According to an executive of one of our customers, "During our first phase of using Soil2O, we were able to reduce our water usage by 75%. This product will not only help us reduce our water costs, but it will help reduce our labor and fuel costs along with the amount of wear and tear on our equipment. Our ability to do all of this and use a green product is significant for our company”.

Dust Control FAQ


What is Soil2O?

Soil2O is an environmentally friendly cross-linked co-polymer. Soil2O particles hold up to four hundred times their weight in water. Soil2O is specially formulated with a natural re-wetting ability that continues to function even after dry-out. Using Soil2O doesn't mean you never have to water, but it does mean you can water less often.

How is Soil2O applied?

Soil2O is easily mixed into your water tankers with the patent pending Soil2O Eductor System. We have pre-packaged the product in 15 lb. pails for ease of use. Each pail will mix with 2,000 gallons of water. Click here for more about the Soil2O application process.

How much Soil2O do I need?

The amount of Soil2O is dependent on the size of the area that you have to cover. Please utilize our Dust Control Calculator or contact your local representative to determine the amount of product that you will need.

Limited Warranty

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