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Dust Control FAQ

What is Soil2O™?
Soil2O™ is an environmentally friendly cross-linked co-polymer. Soil2O™ particles hold up to four hundred times their weight in water. Soil2O™ is specially formulated with a natural re-hydration ability that continues to function even after dry-out. Using Soil2O™ doesn't mean you never have to water, but it does mean you can water less often.

How is Soil2O™ applied?
Soil2O™ is easily mixed into your water tankers with the patent pending Soil2O™ Eductor System. We have pre-packaged the product in 15lb pails for ease of use. Each pail will mix with 2,000 gallons of water.

What levels of control can be achieved with Soil2O™?
This varies from area to area, but with consistent application of the product, you can see up to a 50% reduction in water usage on a daily basis.

How much Soil2O™ do I need?
The amount of Soil2O™ is dependent on the size of the area that you have to cover. Please contact your local representative to determine the amount of product that you will need.

How long will a Soil2O™ application last?
Soil2O™ can last up to one week. The amount of time that the application lasts varies by environmental conditions.