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Nontoxic Road Dust Control Products and Commercial Soil Amendments

There is no shortage of uses for Soil2O™. From construction zones to road work and golf course grass to acres of crops, Soil2O is a long-lasting moisture control and soil conditioner. Many organizations simply use water for road dust control, but nothing works as well as Soil2O Dust Control to bind with water and eliminate dust to achieve a much greater effect. Soil2O Topical, Granular and Dust Control products keep water in soil, eliminating the need for excessive watering of plants or lawns and keeping dust at bay in dry conditions.  Soil2O absorbs and then releases water into the environment when needed, providing controlled nourishment for plants, lawns and trees.


The Granular product is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of planting purposes. The product is ideal for pre-planting and is recommended for use when planting trees, and shrubs. It can also be used to create optimal conditions for sodding, seeding and sprigging of all types of turf. One application of Soil2O Granular will last three to five years and helps reduce the need for irrigation by up to fifty percent. Its specially formulated polymer granules surround plants’ roots, ensuring that they get the water they need, when they need it.

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Our Topical application is ideal for use with existing turf, landscape and planting of annuals. The ultra-fine powder is easily mixed with water and acts as a soil conditioner. It requires no special equipment for application and will work with any type of lawn and soil.  Soil2O Topical is ideal for regular maintenance, troublesome “hot spots,” or deep root treatments.  Soil2O works really well with annuals, providing the extra irrigation that these plants require and the results are quite impressive.  Soil2O Topical has a product life cycle of 2-3 months depending on environmental and soil conditions. 

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Dust Control

Dust Control is essential when controlling dust emissions from construction sites, mining operations, helipads or baseball diamonds.  It’s important to ensure environmentally damaging dust particles don’t enter the environment.  Soil2O penetrates the surface of the soil and dirt, working to pull moisture out of the air in an effort to keep the soil moist for as long as possible.  Treated dirt in a construction area or road work zone will turn into a pavement-like surface, keeping you compliant and decreasing fines due to circulating particulate dust.

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