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Commercial Applications

Add Wisdom to Water…

An environmentally friendly cross-linked co-polymer, Soil2O particles hold up to four hundred times their weight in water and release 95% of that water back to the plant upon demand. With reduced irrigation, fertilizers and the soil’s natural nutrients are not leached away, but remain in the ground continuing to nourish plants, crops and turf. Soil2O is specially formulated with a natural re-wetting ability that continues to hydrate up to five years. Using Soil2O doesn’t mean you never have to water, but it does mean you can water far less often.

One application of Soil2O Granular will provide your plants with moisture when they need it and substantially reduce your irrigation costs for three to five years. Water is not an endless resource; use it wisely today and it will be there for you tomorrow. Saving water and reducing leaching and evapotranspiration is what Soil2O soil conditioner is all about.

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Consider the Benefits…

Both Granular and Topical Soil2O will promote healthy root development and faster seed germination. One application of Soil2O will store and release the water (from irrigation or precipitation) with lasting affects for up to 3 months. A reduced irrigation schedule minimizes leaching of these highly beneficial nutrients. In Tropical and Sub-Tropical climates, Soil2O actually lowers the soil temperature, reduces leaching and does not cause plant tissue burn, which in turn provides a lower level of plant stress during drought periods.

Compatibility Plus…

Soil2O has no phytotoxicity and is safe for use in any environment as it will not harm plants, trees, pets, children or wildlife. It is suitable for all types of plants, grasses and soil structures and is compatible with fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and nematicides. Soil2O Granular or Topical will provide better moisture distribution, reduce evapotranspiration and provide greater uptake of natural nutrients. It is ideal for use in landscaping, nurseries, sod farms, golf courses and agricultural operations.


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Soil2O Granular

Soil2O Granular is ideal for seeding, sodding, and sprigging, as well as planting trees, and shrubs. The granules may be broadcast or drop spread and should be tilled a few inches into the soil prior to seeding, sodding, sprigging or planting. When applied in this manner, Soil2O Granular will remain effective for three to five years while retaining its re-wetting ability. Soil2O Granular should not be used as a top dressing on existing turf.

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Soil2O Topical

Soil2O Topical is ideal for landscaping and turf management, as well as the agricultural industry. Easily mixes with water and it offers no risk of plant burn and can be applied with all types of commercial spray rigs. The specially formulated fine particle blend has an anti-caking characteristic that achieves a unique balance between gel blocking and swell-ability. When applied according to directions, Soil2O Topical will remain effective for three to four months. With reduced leaching, fertilizers and nutrients are made more available for increased germination and early growth of plants, crops and turf.

Soil2O can also be used as a root dip to provide the necessary moisture for transplants.

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