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Coal Ash Landfills Just Became Safer with Soil2O

Soil2O-prevents-runoff-and-leachate-pollutionCoal contains heavy metals and other elements like Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Selenium, Boron and Thallium. When coal is burned, these elements remain present in the ash.

One of the chief concerns of coal production arises when these materials are released into our environment, either by leaching, runoff, or into our streams via effluent pipes or dust.  Just drinking the water may be dangerous, but also there may be serious concern with uptake by vegetables or crops grown with the water, or eating fish or other wildlife that have been drinking or living in contaminated water.

Soil2O Dust Control material and methods can appreciably abate these concerns.

Soil2O Dust Control products and processes will:

  • Eco-friendly-certified-productArrest landfill coal ash in place, retaining even airborne ash on site as required by the EPA.
  • Reduce required effective watering by up to 50%.
  • Save bountiful volumes of water, meaning significantly less leachate and runoff.
  • NOT add pollutants to leachate, runoff streams, ponds or groundwater.
  • NOT harm mammals or fish as it is tested and proven non-toxic.
  • NOT impede or endanger vegetative/crop growth or toxify soils.