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Growers are under increasing pressure to comply with regulations requiring the reduction of nutrient application rates and/or offsite movement of applied nutrients. Narrow band applications offer an opportunity to impact the movement of nutrients economically enough to be practical. The purpose of this trial was to provide some initial indication of effectiveness and costs.

The broadcast soil application rate of Soil2O® Topical is 5 pounds (80 ounces) per acre. Using the row spacing of 40-42 inches and one band of fertilizer knifed in on each side of the bed totaling about 2 treated inches per row calculates to be 1/20 or 5% treated area per field acre. With a side dress rate of 40 gallons of 32% N per acre the application rate of Soil2O® needs to be 4 ounces per 40 gallons of fertilizer to equate to 80 ounces per broadcast acre.

Check samples were pulled from the adjacent beds, which received the same amount of fertilizer per acre applied in exactly the same way. The only difference being the addition of Soil2O® for the trial area. With 180 gallons of fertilizer left in the tank (enough for 4.5 acres) 20 ounces of Soil2O® Topical was pre-mixed and added to the tank (equates to 4.4 ounces per field acre or 88 ounces per treated broadcast acre equivalent).

Case Study

Two cores from both the treated and check areas were pulled using 2 inch PVC with a coupling on the end, which was used as a guide for equal depth. Cores were centered over the application line so that water could be flushed through the samples for testing. Cores were kept upright and delivered to Agro Services International the same afternoon for testing. (See graphs on previous page)

Conclusions: Nitrogen recovered from the leach rate of the samples pulled from the Soil2O® treatment was significantly less than the nitrogen recovered from the check blocks.

Based on treating two bands on 40 or 42 inch centers the cost of adding Soil2O® Topical would be about 1/20 of a broadcast application. These initial results show the economical feasibility of adding Soil2O® Topical to liquid side dress applications as a way to minimize nutrient losses during rain events.