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Soil2O Application Process

Soil2O Dust Control has many unique qualities:

  • It is a green product, safe to use in close proximity to environmentally-sensitive areas.
  • It is tested and proven to be non-toxic to mammals and fish according to US EPA/OECD protocols.
  • It is NOT a source of pollution to your runoff and/or leachate.
  • It is NOT a solvent, hydrocarbon or salt-based material.

Prior to application, a GelTech Solutions-approved educator should assemble the tools needed to apply the Dust Control material. We can help you calculate how much Dust Control product you will need for your area.

Week One, Day One

Mix and apply one Initial Load, followed immediately by a load of water-only. Apply at the correct speed/rate necessary to treat 80,000 square feet per truck load.

  • Note if the soil composition is a hard, compacted clay profile, scarifying the top four inches of the road base may be necessary for optimum penetration and performance of the Dust Control product.
  • If the surface is scarified, after the Initial Load and one load of water-only is applied, grade the surface back to its desired profile. An additional load of water-only may be required after grading is complete.
Week One, Day Two
  • Mix and apply one Initinal Load as mentioned above, followed immediately by a load of water-only.
  • Monitor the treated soil for adequate moisture. Inspect the soil profile for proper penetration.
  • Apply water-only if needed throughout the rest of the week. Here you'll notice the reduction in water truck use.
Week Two, Day One and on Every Day One in the Following Weeks
  • Apply one Maintenance load.
    • Weekly maintenance loads are required to treat the imported dust that is brought in by other vehicles and environmental conditions.

Explanation of Terms
  • Initial Load - An initial application of Soil2O Dust Control/water solution, mixed at a thicker viscosity to set the polymer in the treated surface.
    • Three - 15 pound pails for a 2,000 gallon water truck
    • Five - 15 pound pails for a 4,000 gallon water truck
  • Maintenance Load - Application of Soil2O Dust Control/water mixed and applied at the regular viscosity.
    • One - 15 pound pail for each 2,000 gallons or water-truck size.
  • Water - fresh water, not salt water or landfill leachate.