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Dust Control - Agriculture

Utilization of Soil2O Dust Control materials and methods is an effective and efficient form of dust control for agriculture, much more so than tilling at night and slowing travel on roads.

Livestock operations will reap huge benefits by controlling dust and reducing ground surface temperatures by approx. 10 percent.

Poultry farms will see dangerous dust disappear, which saves you money! Dust control has been proven to mitigate dust at a 15,000 hen laying operation, which was producing an abundance of dust in Delta County, Colorado, saving the owner tens of thousands in fines!

Farm Road Dust

Feedlot Dust
farm road dustfeedlot dust

Provides constant, effective control of dust from all soil-born sources. Soil2O Dust Control products and processes -

  • Conform to Best Management Practices (BMP's) / Best Conservation Methods (BCM's) for Agricultural dust control.
  • Are non-toxic for mammals and fish, according to EPA/OECD protocols.
  • Allow for less water use over traditional methods.
  • Does NOT create toxic runoff and leachate.
  • Are safe for use in close proximity to wetlands.
  • Will not cause problematic equipment corrosion.