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About Soil2O Home Gardening Supplies and Dust Control Services

GelTech Solutions created Soil2O™ to dramatically reduce the amount of water necessary to keep plants hydrated and decrease water resource exploitation for garden watering supplies.  Soil2O is a cross-linked copolymer that can be used in various industries and as a home lawn care product to improve soil moisture, retain water and to decrease dust from construction or in areas with dry, dusty groundcover.  Soil2O is a simple addition to home gardening supplies.  It’s easy application and long-lasting effects provide a way to keep plants quenched even when you’re not there to water during the hottest of days.

Our mission at GelTech Solutions is to solve common problems in a sustainable and earth-friendly way.  Using Soil2O as a soil conditioner and for dust control safely addresses the needs of the consumer without using harsh or unnecessary chemicals.  Our natural products are effective when used at home, on the farm, and for dust control services.  Our customers are proof that Soil2O saves money, water and time:

"During our first phase of using Soil2O, we have been able to reduce our water usage by 75%. This product will not only help us reduce our water costs, but it will help reduce our labor and fuel costs along with the amount of wear and tear on our equipment. Our ability to do all of this and use a green product is significant for our company." - Soil2O customer

GelTech Solutions is committed to developing and creating innovative and cost-effective products that protect property, improve lives and decrease the burden on the earth.  All products available from GelTech are environmentally friendly and nontoxic.  


Watch the video below to learn more about Soil2O.