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Soil Additives to Improve Soil Moisture and Fertility

If retaining moisture in your soil requires frequent water applications, Soil2O® soil additives are the answer. Nourishing your crops, landscaping, lawn and even your backyard pots just got easier with Soil2O. This water-retaining stabilizer and conditioner can hold up to 400 times its weight, releasing the moisture back to plants’ roots only when required.

Soil2O is a soil additive that is compatible with any soil structure or plant type, promoting greater growth with much less irrigation. It’s not “plant food,” but a product that provides consistent and prolonged moisture to plants. Soil2O has been proven to promote healthy root development, faster seed germination, and improve soil moisture and fertility. And with only one application of Soil2O Granular, the additive will remain in your soil and nourish your plants, grass or crops for three to five years. You can eliminate excessive water consumption and enhance your own conservation efforts. Soil2O Dust Control will also allow construction to control road dust and keep it out of the air.

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Environmentally Friendly

As with all innovative products in the GelTech Solutions family, being environmentally friendly is paramount. Soil2O will not harm children, pets, wildlife or aquatic species. Soil2O breaks down and is harmlessly absorbed into the soil over time.