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GT-W14 is designed to absorb virtually any spill in seconds and solidify it to allow for easy cleanup and disposal. For toxic spills, GT-W14 binds to the molecules of the spill to reduce harmful vapors. Once the spill has solidified, it can be easily scooped or swept up and disposed of in accordance with local and government agencies. GT-W14 leaves no residue, reducing the risk of slipping in the area where the spill occurred.


GT-W14 is effective on:

  • Chemicals (Acids/Bases/Solvents/Toxics)
  • Gas
  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Paint
  • Water
  • Virtually All Spills


The pressurized air cylinder was designed to assist in larger spills of toxic materials and allows for application without standing directly over the spill. When using GT-W14 around hazardous spills, proper protection equipment must be worn; however, the product itself is non-toxic and eco-friendly. In most spills, GT-W14 actually lowers the danger classification of the chemical and neutralizes the pH.


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