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Wildland Firefighting

The Industry's Best Fire Retardant for Wildland Firefighting Equipment


Annually, wildfires consume hundreds of millions of acres worldwide. FireIce’s applications in the Wildland Urban Interface as wildland firefighting gear span through every aspect of operations from the air, to ground apparatus for direct attack on fire. Indirect attack by establishing wet lines and pretreatment of receptive fuels eliminates their threat. Ladder fuels can be coated to reduce the risk of ground fires and crown fires while reducing firefighters' risk.

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FireIce addresses exposure issues by blanketing structures and hazard fuels with a protective layer of gel. Hand crews can also have a distinct advantage by adding the fire-retardant FireIce to their portable backpack pumps to knockdown flames, allowing more time to establish control lines and keeping hot spots from becoming established. Rotory wing and fixed wing aircrafts use FireIce to cool heavy fuels, reducing fire brand potentials from becoming established, thus achieving better containment of fire.

FireIce is a nontoxic fire retardant and is no more corrosive than the water it is mixed with. This saves money on costly repairs to pump systems, seals and impellers. Weight issues from heavy salt-based fertilizer products or retardants are cut by 50% when you fly FireIce. FireIce’s color additives are FD&C food grade dyes, therefore they will not stain aircraft or air strips.


Wildland Urban Interface – Intermix Pretreatment


Wildland Urban Interface fires are complex and often costly problems for agencies and departments. FireIce provides an option for any ground water handling apparatus to have superiority to CAFS apparatus for wildland firefighting equipment. By simply staging FireIce buckets and a FireIce eductor at a hydrant or water tender, any engine can be filled with FireIce. FireIce is a water-enhancing fire retardant spray that far exceeds the current exposure protection provided by CAFS, or engines using proportioned foam.  Pretreatment allows firefighters to eliminate receptive fuel hazards in the interface by blanketing fuels with a protective layer of gel. If you are an agency or department that has been saving up for new costly CAFS engines, your solution for wildland firefighting equipment has arrived.  FireIce can be carried on all apparatus and deployed in a variety of ways, enabling your agency or department to save property and lives.


Wet Line


FireIce can be used as a wet line for wildland firefighting equipment for burning operations. Engines using FireIce can quickly build hundreds of chains of line and begin firing around structures or other valuable resources. The same batch-mixed product can simultaneously be used for exposure protection. Appling FireIce to ladder fuels can reduce the risk of ground-to-crown fire activity while eliminating firefighter hazard exposure, and securing lines.  Engine crews will find FireIce a versatile tool in both fine and heavy fuels.


Back Pack Pumps


FireIce can be used effectively as a fire retardant in backpack pumps to extend the water's ability to knock down live flame, allowing firefighters more time to establish control lines and keep spot fires from becoming established.


Rotory-Wing Aircraft


FireIce is an effective fire retardant when used in conjunction with portable dip tanks and shorter flight cycles. FireIce assures water is used effectively as wildland firefighting equipment, cooling heavy fuels and reducing potential for fire brands to establish themselves in receptive fuels; it increases firefighters' abilities to get around the fire before spotting can hinder containment.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft


FireIce can be used very effectively as a fire retardant in Single Engine air tankers for direct attack, substantially increasing the effectiveness of water. As part of wildland firefighting equipment, FireIce is far more effective than foam or long-term retardants for decreasing rates of spread in fine or heavy fuels when applied directly. FireIce used for indirect line is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to long-term fire retardants and produces more effective lines and drop patterns than current foams, gels or any other wildland firefighting equipment. The FireIce powder can be stored or pre-positioned at remote bases for initial attack availability with no shelf life or storage issues. FireIce is easily mixed and educted, providing easy clean up on aircraft, runways and mixing tanks. FireIce contains no abrasive chemicals and does not damage pump seals or impellers. FireIce can be directly educted into an aircraft from any hydrant without weight load issues. FireIce colorant is safe and will not stain aircrafts or permanently damage airstrips.


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FireIce & Aerial Firefighting


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