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Testimonial 3

On Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 6:27 pm, the Fredon Township (NJ) Volunteer Fire Company received a call reporting a working tractor fire at a residential address in our town. Chief Virgil Rome, responding direct, arrived on location 5 minutes after being dispatched and observed a John Deere garden tractor fully involved in fire. The elderly homeowner reported that the tractor had caught fire while inside the garage and that he had been able to push it just outside. Chief Rome quickly grabbed a water can from his Incident Command vehicle. A small bottled quantity of FireIce gel had been added to this water can approximately two years earlier in 08’. Within seconds of hitting the fire with the water/FireIce mixture, the heavy fire was knocked down and a gel coating was seen to form on the fire area preventing further fire spread and extension to the residence and property. Afterwards, it was determined that only 1/3 of the contents of the water can were used to extinguish the fire, which had consumed the entire engine area of the tractor. When the first engine arrived minutes later; all that remained for the firefighters was some salvage and overhaul of the machinery to ensure that the fire was indeed out and it was.

Virgil Rome
Fire Chief
Fredon Township, New Jersey