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Testimonial 1

On Saturday May 23rd Meadow Village Station was toned out to a vehicle fire. When we arrived on scene we came up on a 2000 Ford Expedition that was Fully involved in flame less than 20 feet from the residence.

We used an 1 1/2”preconnect line with straight water from our pumper due to the close proximity of the vehicle to the house. We found that the engine block of the vehicle was made from magnesium and was actively burning. I grabbed my 2.5 gal fire extinguisher that had been filled with Fire Ice and sprayed it onto the magnesium fire. There was none of the usual sparks or small explosions associated with putting water on a magnesium fire.

The Fire Ice gel coated and cooled the magnesium as soon as it made contact with the fire. I found that this product would be even more efficient if I had a spray nozzle on my hose instead of a straight stream. All in all a great product can’t wait until we can try it on a larger scale like a house fire.

Michael J. Alleman
Chief Meadow Village Fire Dept.
Longville, Louisiana