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FireIce Products

Unique technology.  GelTech offers a unique, technologically advanced line of FireIce branded products that meet the most stringent needs of wildland, municipal and industrial firefighters worldwide;

Excellence in Performance.  FireIce products excel in performance, general usability and shelf-life, yet are environmentally safe;

Proven by Fire.  FireIce products have been proven on the toughest fires and in the harshest environments in North America;

Extraordinary Versatility.  Firefighting agencies from coast to coast are using FireIce to combat a variety of fires; whether supplying government agencies fire retardant for airtankers and helicopters or supporting large municipal fire departments

Unparalleled Service.  GelTech has a dedicated support team of on-the-ground fire professionals to ensure your operations are a success.

Training and Outfitting.  GelTech has a delivery system for your apparatus and a team of trainers to get you up and running in no time.  Contact us anytime, 24/7, for assistance fitting your agency, department or fleet.

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Commercial and Industrial Use

GelTech Solutions offers fire suppression services for the industrial market including utility, biomass, mining and agricultural sectors.

GelTech provides industry trusted solutions from specialized extinguishers to high volume water handing equipment, fixed and portable monitor stations, and a variety of specialized equipment for communications and municipal utilities. Whatever your fire problem entails, GelTech will meet your fire suppression needs. Contact us to speak with a representative about a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Home Defense Unit


GelTech teams with the best installers of automated home fire protection systems in America; in addition to offering our advanced FireIce retardant our installers offer state of the art automated suppression systems that integrate with today’s modern technology and home automation equipment, offering addition peace and security from the threat of wildfires.


Not ready for a full system? GelTech offers the FireIce Home Defense Unit (HDU); a rural homeowner’s necessity which protects your assets in the event of a wildfire threat.