Municipal Firefighting

Suppress Fires with Nontoxic Firefighting Gel

All sales to municipalities are handled by our municipal distributor, FireIce Solutions, LLC.


Extinguishing fires with FireIce® is quick. In fact it's faster than foam and water. It knocks down fire with no re-ignition, adhering to burning material, suffocating fire and breaking the fire triangle on two sides.  Heat transfer within structures and to other material is dissipated with FireIce.  It is currently being used worldwide by firefighters, first responders and military personnel as a fire suppression system to stop and extinguish even the largest of fires.


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In tests, FireIce has been proven to maintain its integrity as a nontoxic firefighting gel, beating out the best Class A foams.  Application of other fire resistant foam does not compare to the benefits of FireIce. Where other foams break down after application, providing no exposure protection, FireIce provides long-lasting protection with fewer applications and much less water usage.


It’s easy to use, easy to clean up, and nontoxic to the environment.  Simply add FireIce to water, and it not only fights better, it has been shown to substantially decrease the amount of water needed to do the job. 

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FireIce Eductor


FireIce Eductor


Car Fire Extinguished by FireIce


Car Fire Extinguished by FireIce

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