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FireIce for the Hospitality Industry

GelTech offers a suite of new and unique fire suppression and protection products, with an emphasis on lithium battery fire exposure.

In today’s world where hotels/clubs are adding power tables to their conference rooms, restaurants and common areas, and overnight guests are charging multiple devices with lithium-ion batteries in their rooms, how is RGD taking an active role in advising the Hospitality Industry about the growing risk of lithium battery fire from these devices, especially in high-occupancy environments?

FACT:  GelTech’s FireIce Shield® is the only known suppression agent that is effective up to 5,000⁰F and yet eco-friendly, non-toxic, and cleans up with just water (no costly, time-consuming cleanup required).  Remarkably, FireIce is even rated “safe to be around food for human consumption.”

There are four products I would like to present to you, all of which are powered by FireIce Shield®:  1) Our 2-Liter FireIce Shield Canister, a powerful supplement to your current fire suppression capabilities, 2) our mobile FireIce Shield Emergency Containment Unit (Dunk Bucket and extinguisher) that can be used to instantly submerge a personal electronic device that is or about to ignite, 3) our newly launched ChargeSafe™ protective case for cell phones to suppresses and contain a lithium battery fire that might occur while charging your device (we recently earned an ” Editor Choice” award from PC Magazine for this launch and 4) our Rapid Response Unit, a portable platform for direct attack to instantly suppress and cool a fire and protect assets exposed to damage from an oncoming fire.

Today our products provide solutions for state and provincial Wildland firefighting agencies, Utilities (including cell tower service/maintenance companies and underground utility workers dealing with pole and transformer fires), Naval and private shipyards, and professional and DIY plumbers, welders and fabricators.