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FireIce's Fire Retardant Delivery Systems will Help Defend Your Home from Wildfires

FireIce has parterned with Colorado Fire Break to create a mid-range wildfire fire protection system that will protect your home and everything around it within a 50-foot range. Wildfire mitigation consultations can be requested through the Colorado Fire Break website.


Using wildfire detection signals, this system will wirelessly activate Stage One of the fire retardant delivery system. In Stage One FireIce is combined with water, creating the FireIce gel that will protect your home. FireIce gel is then released from multiple fire supression lines installed on the home.



Stage Two is activated as the fire gets closer to the home. Tree canopys installed on trees around the perimeter of the home release FireIce gel on your property's trees. Stage Two creates a microclimate on your property, which raises humidity and lowers temperatures, helping to produce a natral firebreak around your home. This stage is critical in protecting areas of your property that are 50-100 feet away from your home, including landscaping and vehicles.


The firebreak system is completely self contained with an isolated water tank and power source. You have the option to select a manual or automatic activation system that relies on electrical or gas power generation. FireIce's Fire Retardant Delivery System will be customized to your needs based on the layout of your property so that your home is protected from wildfires.